Blogging for Business

Everyone seems to be at it these days, but what exactly is a blog? Put simply, a blog is a regularly updated web page that you can use to add a little something extra to your website. They can be about pretty much anything, a quick Google search will pull up blogs on fashion, beauty, fitness, recipes, hobbies, you name it! You'll notice they tend to be fairly informal, chatty but very engaging and you can really harness the power of a blog for your business.

Keep it fresh

Your website will tell current and potential customers about what you do, how they can get in touch, perhaps it will have a photo gallery and a bit of information about your team. That's great and there's no doubt that you're probably getting a fair bit of internet traffic visiting it on a daily basis.

However, incorporating a blog can give your website a boost, provide something extra for people to read while also showing a bit of personality and interest. These things matter in today's market, just think about what makes you buy from your favourite brands or suppliers. Often it will be because they show great customer service, they take the time to connect with you, or they promote their products in a way that you just can't ignore.

A blog won't turn you into a multi-million pound internet sensation overnight, but it can give you an extra outlet to really portray the ethos of your business. You can use it to display exceptional customer service, client testimonials, show your knowledge of the field you work in, provide news updates on your business, or shout about special offers and new services. Not only that, blogs give you something extra to tweet about or share on Facebook, through links that go straight back to your website. This creates more traffic to your site and potential new customers.

Blogs also provide something that search engines adore... fresh copy. By incorporating SEO keywords into your blogs that relate to your business you can help push your website further up search engine rankings; so you'll appear higher up the page when someone looks for services similar to yours. For free. Without paying Google. How fabulous is that?

The right tools

You're busy, you have a business to run, staff to manage and a hectic social/family life outside of working hours. You don't have time to write a blog, that's just extra work that will eat up more of your day and you simply can't spare the time.

That's where I come in. As a freelance copywriter, I can create blogs for you; as often as you like. All you need to do is contact me, have a chat about what you'd like, and before you know it you'll have blogs written especially for you ready to simply upload onto your website. That bit will take you no more than a few minutes and I can even look after the social media side of things, too.

So now you know what blogs are all about, what's stopping you? Contact me on 07950 295944 or drop me an email to get the ball rolling.

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