What we do


From newsletters to blogs, letters for customers,

articles and press releases for print media,

e-shots, marketing literature, website copy,

or anything else you can think of...


Whatever your content requirements, we've got

you covered!


To stand out from the crowd, you need to know the right people and leverage the best resources.


Using our network of contacts, The Word Pod can cultivate these relationships on your behalf to achieve the best coverage at the ideal price.




Social media is a fantastic resource for marketing and it's completely free! However, dipping your toes into the world of tweeting and liking can be daunting.

We can offer advice on getting started, help you to maximise what you're already doing, or take control of professional accounts.



With numerous magazine titles under our belt, our editorial expertise is second to none. Whether you require commercial, consumer, or in-house publications,

we can help.


Have you got something written, but it's not quite right and you can’t work out why? Our editing and proofreading experience can make your copy shine.